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In the town of Northmead, a little quiet suburb in Greater Western Sydney, there are not many dining places that offer authentic kebabs or other Turkish food with typical Middle Eastern flavour. The tourist places and industrial sectors of the area near Northmead ensure that the town has a lot of foreigners visiting the town. These people are always on the lookout for authentic dishes along with the wonderful and quiet ambience. Castle Hill Kebab Station aims to fill this gap.

We offer Middle Eastern dishes prepared in the traditional style by experienced and trained cooks. We have a comprehensive menu of dishes to choose from. We offer traditional as well as contemporary food so that it appeals to patrons of all ages. We have several dishes prepared using a combination of two or more cooking styles that offer taste and flavours of multiple cuisines together.

We are known, especially for the rich quality kebabs that we make using traditional cooking style offered with high quality Basmati rice. Castle Hill Kebab Station is a well-known kebab shop in the suburbs of Sydney and our kebabs are really popular with Northmead locals. We always aim to bring something new to the locals.

We serve meat on charcoal grills that adds to the rich taste of the food. Our dining area is designed in a manner that can cater to families and businesses equally. We have special arrangements for kids so that entire families can come and enjoy the tasty and authentic food at our kebab shop.

Through our focus on offering a quality, high quality dining experience, high quality customer service, variety of innovative dishes, experienced cooks, authentic taste, we are striving to become one of the favourite spaces for kebabs around Northmead.

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