Best Kebab Shop near Glenhaven

We are a kebab shop near Glenhaven. Castle Hill Kebab Station is a noteworthy addition. The kebab shop offers a large menu of authentic Middle Eastern food made using traditional methods. Many dishes offered at the kebab shop are unique and not to be found elsewhere.

Castle Hill Kebab Station, near Glenhaven is conveniently located in the central part of the town suitable for families as well as office lunches. The dining area is so planned that it can cater to large groups as well as small groups equally. The Kebab Station offers plenty of parking spaces and is child friendly as well so that you can enjoy delicious food with your family and friends in comfort.

The menu at our kebab shop has dishes that locals in Glenhaven would love. It consists of authentic kebabs made in using traditional recipes passed down through many generations by experienced and well-trained chefs. However, the kebabs are not the only dish on offer. We also offer different types of traditional Middle Eastern food. The kebab shop also offers combinations of different cuisines to bring an altogether a new taste. Along with the innovative food, the kebab shop also offers conventional food like pizzas, burgers, donuts, chicken and so on. We have a special method to cook meat over a charcoal grill to add authenticity to the sumptuous taste.

All the food is prepared by experienced chefs thoroughly trained to prepare Turkish and authentic Middle Eastern Food. Care is taken to ensure that all the ingredients are sourced from high-quality suppliers. For example, all the kebabs are made using large-sized Basmati rice that adds to the richness of the kebabs.

The Castle Hill Kebab Station offers awesome dining, authentic food, innovative dishes – all this and much more at highly affordable prices. The kebab shop is destined to become one of the favourite kebab shop near Glenhaven.

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