Bella Vista

Delicious Kebabs near Bella Vista

You can find kebabs all over the world, but what are kebabs? Kebabs are lumps of meat usually cooked over charcoal fixed on a skewer of a spit. The world is derived from the Turkish language and partially from the Arabian language and it means ‘roasted meat’. Today the world is in love with this dish. Castle Hill Kebab Station offers Bella-Vista patrons a wide array of authentic types of kebab that will become your favorites.

Our menu is full of Turkish and Middle East cuisines. Middle East cuisine is the combination of various cuisines, from which some popular dishes included on our menu are kebabs, mulukhiyah, dolma, doner kebab, falafel, yogurt, shawarma, and baklava. The variety of kebabs served at many places is similar in taste. However Castle Hill Kebab Station near Bella-Vista prepares kebab dishes that are reputed to be close to those found in the southeast of Turkey by, maintaining its authenticity and unique qualities.

The pleasant ambience of our vast premises and aromatic surroundings create a solid identity of our restaurant. It’s a good choice for the families and for organising get togethers as we serve delicious platters that are well suited to extravagant celebrations. Flavors of Basmati rice along with charcoal cooked kebabs make your time a memorable one as food is the way to your body, mind and soul.

Our experienced chef brings different authentic spices which are freshly ground. Our food stands out easily as the freshness and authenticity of the recipes are maintained throughout. Our customers of Bella Vista are satisfied and visit repetitively because we believe in good food at an affordable cost. We are privileged to serve the people of Bella Vista who are true food lovers and sensitive to the culture.

The Castle Hill Kebab Station is centrally located near Bella Vista with ample parking. We care for you and that can be easily seen from our flawless service and hospitality. People visit us for three simple reasons- food, fun and our fantastic atmosphere.

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